ORO is born with the aim to bring the work of the artists we adore closer to the collectors and people interested in contemporary art. We ease the transition between the artist studio and the buyer, offering a curated selection of their work through our platform. 




If you are thinking of acquiring your first work, we can help you with the decision. 
Do not hesitate to ask for prices, formats or any other doubt you might have. 

You will find a selection of prints and photos in our on-line shop , and big or small artworks organized by artist.   


We can also advise professionals and individuals to create a special collection for any kind of project and budget. The idea is to demystify the inaccessibility of art and help you find the works that suit what you want.


If you are looking for a very specific work (in terms of size, colour or media), we can help you finding it even with artists outside our catalogue. 

We can offer photographic research, both for old and contemporary archives.



If you would like to use any of our pieces for a limited period of time, for shootings or photo sessions, we also offer renting deals.

We are based in Barcelona, but we sell everywhere. Check out our sales and shipping conditions.

Contact us if you want to see more work by any artist or if you need more information on their production: